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1934 Trip To Mexico

In 1936 there was to be held in Texas the Texas Centennial celebration. As an artist at Stafford-Lowdon I thought it would be a good idea to get some sketches of historical sites in Texas and also take a trip to Mexico. So I took the old Hupmobile and set out all by myself.


First I went to Nacogdoches which was of historical significance as it was the site of Texas’ first capitol. Then I went to Houston to visit the San Jacinto battlefield and stayed with Bill and Ora Baker. Bill was working in an agency there and there I met Schiwelz, the water-colorist. From there I went to Galiad, then to Laredo where I crossed over into Old Mexico. Headed for Monterrey and stayed seven days at The Continental Hotel. I remember it cost only $1 per day and it was a beautiful place, almost like a palace inside.

Courtyard Obispada Mission - Monterrey,

"Courtyard - Obispada Mission" inspired by his trip to Mexico.

Below, a photo of the Mission from his trip and another of the courtyard that inspired the print.

obispado courtyard.jpg

Took a side trip to Saltillo and one to Huasteca, a scenic wonderland. Hired a guide and we had a little donkey with a wooden saddle which I was supposed to ride but I found it more comfortable to walk most of the time. (The picture on the right was with of group of pictures he took in Mexico. Most likely the guide referred to above.)


Coming back I decided to buy a couple bottles of liquor to bring back to the U.S.A. for at that time we had Prohibition. As I neared the border a couple of Mexican soldiers stopped me. My heart sank but it seemed they only wanted a ride to Nuevo Laredo. I even offered them a drink of Bacardi Rum which they accepted .


On my way back I stopped at San Antonio to see and sketch the Alamo and other point’s of interest. Altogether it was a very interesting and instructive trip. Never had I seen so many things to sketch. I took a lot of photos, black and whites for color film was not then available.

The Hotvedt family is fortunate to have several of the pictures he took on this trip. Below are photos he took and the prints they inspired.

(The family has several other photos from his trip, but do not know if there are other prints inspired by them.)

img038 x.jpg

Photo (l) & print titled

"Mission San Jose" (r). 

Mission San Jose.jpg
Made a drypoint of this- on the road to

Photo (l) & print titled

"On The Road To Monterrey" (r). 

On The Road To Monterry etching.jpg
img006 x.jpg

Photo (l) & print titled

"The Alamo" (r). 

The Alamo.jpg

"Street In Old Mexico"

No matching photo located.

Street In Old Mexico.jpg
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